Enterprise@APU is an initiative by APU to build the entrepreneurial capabilities, efficacy of its students and to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the university and to connect this ecosystem to the wider ecosystem and industry. Our focus at Enterprise@APU is to provide the required knowledge to our students by providing the proven framework, courses, programs, facilities advisory services and conducting a series of professional talks, activities and events to enhance the overall education experience.

  • To Develop and Inculcate the Entrepreneurial Triple Helix in APU : Antifragile, Enterprising, Meaningful & Sustainable Startups
  • To educate and produce more innovative and entrepreneur mindset students that can serve the nation and fulfil their needs.
  • To help our students become anti-fragile, entrepreneurial and to spawn the number of innovative and meaningful startups from the students.
  • To advance knowledge and educate students in innovation-driven entrepreneurship in a manner that will best serve the world in 21st centuryā€¯
  • To put in place the Content, Programs, Facilities, Industry Linkages, The Ecosystem, mentorship and processes to create a rigorous, practical, customized experiential entrepreneurship education for APU students