Enterprise@APU Idea Accelerator

The Idea Accelerator is a pre-seed accelerator. It is a 6weeks program that aims to help founders of early stage, scalable or innovation driven startups and social enterprises stress test their ideas, validate them, test them with a basic prototype and gain market acceptance and validation.

The mission of the Idea Accelerator is to help founders build meaningful and sustainable startups.

At the Accelerator stage, founders test and re-test their hypothesis.

The program is conducted in a 2 hour immersion program on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.

The program is milestone driven where founders and their team work on their idea in using systematic and methodical approach to taking their ideas to market.

Some definitions

We at APU follow the definition of a startup as defined by the man who catalysed the Lean Startup movement, Steve Blank : a startup is an organisation designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Accelerators are programs that support startup founders through extensive mentorship, education and sometimes with seed funding throughout a fixed period. Accelerators are cohort based = a small group of them go through the program which usually lasts 3-4 months as a group. During this period they go through intense mentoring and education and actual testing of their ideas in the market.

A typical accelerator end in a public pitch event or graduation called Demo Day where ideas are presented to potential users, investors and other ecosystem players who can further support these startups to the next stage of venture building.