What We Do

Entrepreneurship Research

How do entrepreneurs make decisions? And what role do emotions play? How does one protect their invention from intellectual theft? How does one finance social enterprises? Entrepreneurial research is firmly anchored at APU – especially at Enterprise@APU.

Developing Tools for Startup/Founders

Entrepreneurship Research develops methods and tools for innovative ideas, which are conveyed to the start-ups by the Enterprise@APU research team. Via a feedback and monitoring system, the use and success of the measures, methods and tools is reviewed.

The effective implementation of the spin-off process of TUMentrepreneurship requires the use of modern methods and tools to support start-ups. These tools concern e.g. business development, business process management, team building, growth and quality management.

Research for Enterprise@APU

All entrepreneurship research activities are bundled in the enterprise & innovative hub. In addition to the existing activities in entrepreneurship research at APU, the focus areas have been established in the subject areas of “Strategic Entrepreneurship”, “Entrepreneurial Behavior” and “Internationalization of Young Firms”.